My Favourite Sims 2 Mods

Mods are a type of custom content, but one of which can alter the behaviours of your game. These are much larger, more complex and usually have more of a chance of wrecking your game if installed or used incorrectly. You don’t need to be scared of using them, though.. Just proceed with caution and read the read me files contained with each download. This post is a quick look at my favourite Sims 2 mods.

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Please note that some mods aren’t compatible with others and so it’s best to keep the game mods to a minimum if at all possible. Always read the read me files and notes for how to install. Creators will typically tell you if their mod will conflict with another, however this cannot always be known, not without all of us having every download and mod ever created. Go with caution. Backup your files first.

Have you read my last post about what to do before downloading anything? Then read that first before coming back here. That very post contains valuable tips to ensure a happy and successful downloading experience!

Teenage Pregnancy Etc..

It’s well known that in the Sims 2, teenagers can’t get pregnant, engaged, married or move out of their family home. Oh yes they can! If you have a mod! This is a huge mod that changes such a lot in game, it has to be my absolute favourite! Do read the files, there’s so much contained not only with the main mod but also the flavour packs. As a whole your teens will be able to marry, have babies, suffer miscarriages, move out of the family home, come home pregnant after sneaking out or running away. Children can even have cute, innocent crushes! How cute? Inteen and the flavour packs can be found at Simbology. The flavour packs I use are as follows: Back to School, No Age of Consent, Residential Graduates, Risky Runaway, Risky Sneakout and Childhood Crushes.

Sim Blender

This is a recommended mod that works with Inteen. Sim Blender can do a whole host of things but most notably for me, is that you’re able to change not only a sims first name but also their second name. This is probably a small thing for many but is huge for me.. Especially as when having Quads the game often mixes up my babies names meaning I then have to put it right after their birth. Did you know that you can change an infants appearance using the sim blender?

The Sim Blender is by Two Jeffs and can be found over at Simbology.

Triplets & Quads

Are you bored of only being able to have one baby or twins? Yeah so was I. This is another mod recommended alongside Inteen. I LOVE it.. Another of my favourites, I can no longer cope without this one! Your sims are now able to have triplets and quadruplets, too. Not only that but you get a choice of which parent wants to stay home to look after the baby/babies and when having four, both parents will be given time off!

This hack is also by Two Jeffs and again, found at Simbology.

Chris Hatch’s Infant Clothing Mod

This is such an adorable mod! Are you disheartened by the fact your little sweethearts are stuck in a boring old diaper, and are probably freezing to death during the Winter months? Now you need not worry. Chris Hatch, otherwise known as utter god within the Sims 2 community, has created this awesome infant clothing mod. All you need to do after is find gorgeous little outfits for those babies and install them in your game! Keep your eyes peeled because I will be bringing a post to this very blog containing all of my favourite infant downloads. For ease of finding this marvellous mod, here you go: Media Fire Download

Allow Pets and Toddlers on Vacation!

Okay, this hack is awesome! I hate getting a nanny in to watch my pets, it makes me feel like my Sims are so limited when it comes to holidays if they’ve a fur baby. As for children, I don’t believe in leaving some of the kids behind, it’s all the family or no holiday at all! So this hack just speaks to my soul!

It’s by Lamare and is found on Mod The Sims. As always, go careful when downloading hacks/mods, be sure to read the read me files etc. For this hack, you’re probably gonna need the next one, too!

Allow Puppy/Kitten/Toddler Riders

Another awesome hack, this is likely needed in order to use the above hack, though this isn’t only for vacation, either. This can be used for community lots in a Sims home town. Got a lone parent sim with a toddler and they just NEED to get out of the house? Don’t bother paying out your hard earned simoleons for the naff nanny, just take the kiddo out with you, yay!

This hack is by Dick Hurt/Dumb Fool and can be found on Mod The Sims. Read important information carefully as this requires a few other things to work. Especially if you’ve downloaded inteen!

You will need:

  • Add-on enabling the hack to work
  • An inteen compatibility fix. This is for only those who have Inteen installed also. Mine is the back to school one, based on the flavour packs I have installed to my game.

Buy Mode Enabler

Okay, last mod/hack I promise! This little beauty enables you to use the buy and build mode whilst downtown or on holiday… So if you’ve taken the kids but the hotel you’re staying in doesn’t have a crib, fear not, just buy one! With this hack you can also use your sims inventory! So it’s possible to buy things at home and bring them with you, as not every item is available in the buy mode for community lots.

This little gem is by Cat Hair and can be found on Mod The Sims.

Is there any mods you were hoping to see here or any that you think I’d love? Let me know in the comments below! If there’s anything you’re having a little trouble with I might be able to help, just get in touch and I’ll see what I can do!

Looking for more custom content? Take a look at what else I’ve been obsessing over recently!


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