Teen Female: Everyday Maternity

So you’ve just downloaded an awesome Mod by the name of Inteen which will now enable your teen sims to get a little careless and pregnant. The euphoria quickly fades as you realise they have nothing to wear aside from the one boring outfit included with the mod itself. Why not simply download some new clothes then? Here are my teen female: everyday maternity downloads. (Remember read this post before downloading anything!)

Now with maternity wear for teens and adults alike it can be tricky getting them to wear what you’d like. There are mods out there enabling sims to wear different maternity clothes. I however choose to get around this with the boolProp cheat! If you’re unsure as to what that is, keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be sharing a cheat sheet with you in the near future!

Some of my favourite outfits and clothing items for my pregnant teen Simmies..

Tunics with Leggings by Kalynn at Insimenator
Springtime Collection by zammy at Insimenator
More Tunics by Mandie at Insimenator (I got brown/turquoise, black, pumpkins, stripy ruffles and green/brown).
Juno Everyday/Outerwear by SenkoTwiik at Insimenator
Pink Smock by FoxyBaby at Insimenator
Green Smock by FoxyBaby at Insimenator
Scene Outfits by SenkoTwiik at Insimenator
Love Tee and Jeans by TwinkleLilStar at Insimenator
Mixed Set by xHannaHx at Insimenator
Two Outfits by xHannaHx at Insimenator
Dress and Tunic with Jeans by Foxy Baby at Insimenator
Rainy Day Tunic by Mandie at Insimenator

Fun Teens‘ Mixed Collection by Bre at Insimenator
Mixed Maternity by xHannaHx at Insimenator
Set of 2 Outfits by Foxy Baby at Insimenator
Delia’s T-Shirt Collection by Lorrswim34 at Insimenator
Three Outfit Collection by Foxy Baby at Insimenator
Blue Button Up by Mandie at Insimenator
Flowery Stripes by Mandie at Insimenator
Pumpkin Patch by Mandie at Insimenator
Blueberry Tunic by Mandie at Insimenator
Collection 4 (I only got the everyday but PJs available too) by Foxy Baby at Insimenator
Halter Tops by Mandie at Insimenator
Blondie by Foxy Baby at Insimenator

The majority of the above will use Kalynn’s meshes, either the tunics or PJs. Both can be found at Insimenator.

Is there anything I’ve missed, any custom content you’ve seen that I’d love? Then please do leave me a comment below, I’d love to check it out, I’m always up for a fresh downloading spree! Want more downloads? Check out my full collection!


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