The Ultimate Collection of Sims 2 Custom Content Sites

Are you looking for downloads but don’t know where to start? Here is as good of a place as any! Please note I may not necessarily have downloads from the following websites myself, I’m therefore unable to say if they work well with the game. I simply thought they may appeal to some so listed them here and so here we have a huge collection of Sims 2 download sites.

I will update this regularly as I find new sites.

Remember to check out my post about what you need to do before downloading custom content for your game, it’ll save so much work for you in the long run.. Now for the fun stuff!

Over time many a Sims 2 website has unfortunately closed it’s doors. This means many downloads are made irrelevant as you may need a mesh from another source. There are awesome people out there who’ve managed to salvage the downloads and set up an archive site. Where possible I’ll list these in this post, too. Many of my old favourites were also lost within the purge.

The Sims Resource
Mod The Sims
Taylor Sims
Liana Sims
Vita Sims
XM Sims
Paysites Must Be Destroyed (don’t let the links scare you, simply click on a corresponding JPEG to view a downloads image!)

Sims 2 Artists
Milano Sims 2
A + S = Error
Default Database
Wella Creations
Sims 2 Finds
The Hair Gallery
Trapping Crushes
Garden Of Shadows
Moonlight Dragon
Retail Sims
Almighty Hat
Plumbob Keep

All About Style
Sims Cave
All 4 Sims
Blacky’s Sims Zoo
Black Pearl Sims (need to register)
Oh Behave
Lime Love
The Big Trade Off
Imagination Figments
Sims 2 Play
Psycho Sims Cardboard Box
B For Bridgeport
Curious B
Impish Sims

Crab of Doom
BB Sims
Thread and Sand Paper
Reflex Sims
Simply Styling
Sims 2 City/Klira
Sims York City
Trinity Fashion Shop
Boutique Imaginary
Artemida Sims
DeeDee Sims
Lemon Lion

Are you already a regular at any of the above websites? Is there any I’ve missed? Well what are you waiting for, leave me a link in the comments below!

Have you had a peek around my own mods and downloads folders? Well why not, you may find we have the same taste!


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