Have you ever had a Sims Facebook account and accidentally added one of your real life friends? Yeah, me too.

Gamers and Sims enthusiasts, I welcome you! Hey, Davis here of Rock Show Sims (I also blog for a business over at www.everythingstartswithtea.co.uk – feel free to check it out), like you, I’m utterly Sims obsessed!

Having a baby doesn’t have to drag you away from your hobbies, nor does being the ‘head of the house’ we all need to play, no matter our age. That’s why I’ve set up this blog, for you, for me, for the Sims community entirely.

Do you feel that over time everyone’s forgotten about The Sims 2? First with Sims 3 coming out, followed by Sims 4, it’s as though Sims 2 has been left to rot. Creators have moved on or retired, storytellers and new machinima are no more, old carcasses left in a barren wasteland.

That sucks! Personally, I prefer the Sims 2, I probably always will. Sims 3 is great, but it’s simply not quite right… As for Sims 4 I’ve never been able to quite connect with it as I’d have hoped. Over time websites have disappeared and creators have adapted to the newer games, it doesn’t have to be that way, though.

If you, like me, love the Sims 2 then why the hell should you conform? Why is new seen as better? It’s not! Not always. Lets keep the spirit of Sims 2 alive indefinitely, together!

On Rock Show Sims you can find a collection of my own Sims 2 downloads (used continuously and so I’m able to offer advice on any glitches I’ve encountered etc), some funny personal anecdotes, how to’s (I take requests) and machinima tips and tricks… Although, that’s where things differ slightly as my machinima knowledge comes mostly from the Sims 3, instead. I always found it was the easier of the two when manipulating the game! Shameless self promo plug – if you’d like to see my (old) machinima, here you go.

In time I may try dabble in giving my own custom content creations a go, though I’m making no promises. Lets just say, Rock Show Sims is the home of delightful downloads, a lotta useful links and terrific tips. The home of all Sims 2/3 enthusiasts… Be that through a love of basic gameplay, on screen art and amazing machinima, or just somewhere cool to come hang out and keep in the loop with what Sims from around the world have been up to!

I hope you’ll be very happy here! Dag dag!